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Welcome to, where our story isn't just about ad reporting—it's about revolutionizing how growth teams thrive amidst the chaos of digital advertising. Born from the real-life frustrations of our founders, Sumit Singh Sohal and Sangeeth Francis James, lights the path from ad-monitoring madness to strategic growth mastery.

Before they were the brains behind, Sumit and Sangeeth were in the trenches, just like you. Spending over 15 hours a week juggling tabs, dashboards, and endless reports, they experienced firsthand the thankless task of ad management. It was a world of reactive work, contributing little to the growth that marketers dream about at night. emerged as the silver lining to this storm. We're not just another tool; we're your growth team's new best friend. Our platform transforms the monotonous grind into a streamlined, insightful adventure. With, you're not just monitoring ads; you're unlocking the full potential of your marketing efforts.

Today, we stand proud, supporting over 100 brands in their quest for performance reporting nirvana. Our journey is marked by continuous innovation, with new ad platform integrations and marketing tools added every quarter. Our mission? To make your marketing life not just easier but also a beacon of productivity and success.

Join us as we redefine what's possible for marketers and growth teams worldwide because, at, we don't just solve problems—we turn them into opportunities for unparalleled growth. Welcome aboard!